In the spirit of Montana, we have a rural farm and ranch theme over 250 sprawling acres. A portion of our sporting clays course follows an old wagon trail that is likely an old freight wagon trail according to a knowledgeable Blue Creek historian. The Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex is careful to have a minimal footprint on the environment, by incorporating alternative energy, recycling and the utilization of many of the original fences and old farm machinery into the landscape. The clubhouse is a great place to relax with family and friends or host your next event.

Overall, the facility is professionally designed to maximize safety, mitigate noise and shot product containment. Our unique topography for venue layout is unmatched, and the views on a clear day will show you 4 or 5 mountain ranges.

We are staffed with experts that are passionate about what they do. They are eager to assist our members and guests with the knowledge to get started off on the right foot in the shooting sports.

We invite you to enjoy your shooting activities in a safe, fun environment. Range rules are intended to provide a safe, friendly, and convenient forum for all to enjoy. Enforcement of these rules is the duty of all members. Additionally, please observe the basic rules of common sense, courtesy and safety. Be a responsible firearms owner, and courteous to your fellow club member.

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